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Getting In Shape for Volleyball Season

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Volleyball season is once again upon us. It’s time to tie up your favorite volleyball shoes, throw on that volleyball jersey, and hit the court for some intense volleyball action. Are you ready?

If the answer to that question is “no” or “maybe,” we get it—you might’ve been lounging around, vacationing, and catching up on all the sleep you missed in the previous school year.

However, lounging time is over. If you’re going to be ready for the season ahead, it’s time to get to work. Here are a few tips and strategies to get your body and your mind back in volleyball shape so you can kill it on the court from the first practice through the championship match.

Warm up.

If you’ve been hanging out at the beach all summer, you’ll need to start out slow and ease into exercise before you really get going on the court. That means you need a good warmup before each exercise to jumpstart your muscles and prepare yourself for the intense, quick, and lateral volleyball movements. Start out with some slow jogging to get your blood flowing, and drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise to make sure your body is getting the hydration it needs.

Don’t forget to stretch.

After you’ve completed your warmup, it’s time to stretch things out. Volleyball puts a lot of stress on the hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, and ankles, so be sure to stretch these areas before you begin your volleyball training.

Dorsiflexion towel stretches and ankle circles are a great way to increase response and flexibility of ankle muscles, and static sit-and-reach exercises can prepare the hips and quads for the training to come. Whatever the case, find stretches that work for you, and don’t skip stretching because you’re excited to get on the court—failing to stretch and warm up will increase your risk of injury.

Develop your core strength.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play—core strength is hugely important to your success. Due to the need for balance, rapid movement, and leaping, core strength in volleyball is very important, and crucial to your success if you’re looking to take your skills to the collegiate or professional level.

There are tons of exercises you can use to improve your core strength—planks, dead bugs, and reverse crunches, to name a few. Even classic chin ups can improve your upper body strength while giving your core a workout! Find a few exercises that work for you, and get to work on them so you’re ready for game day.

Work on your agility.

All of those dives, digs, and blocks that get the crowd cheering are essential to volleyball excellence—and they’re all because of quick reactions and agility. If you’re slow to the jump, you’re not going to make those big plays at the big moments—and your individual and team performances will suffer because of it.

To increase your agility, you’ll need to get into a routine of speed and strength training. Lifting weights is a great place to start, and it gives your muscles the power and push they need to get you where you need to go faster than before. Agility and footwork exercises are also beneficial—ladder drills, cone taps, shuttle runs, suicides, and box jumps will help you improve your coordination and balance so you can make clean contact with the ball while you’re launching yourself all over the court.

It’s also important to note that mental focus is a huge aspect of agility and speed. Keeping your mind sharp, focused, and stress-free will help you react faster and make smart plays throughout the volleyball match. Keeping your brain in peak condition is all about eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting plenty of quality sleep, and keeping yourself free of stress before gametime.

Get out on the court.

It doesn’t matter how much you train your body and your mind—if you’re going to get into prime volleyball shape, you need to play some volleyball. Every moment on the volleyball court improves your physical skills and volleyball acumen, so get plenty of reps in either individually or with some teammates. The more bumps, sets, spikes, and digs you get through in practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel in during matches. That’s exactly what will propel you to victory and make you a better volleyball player.

Get the right volleyball gear.

There’s something about looking good and feeling good that helps you dominate on the volleyball court. The added confidence from picking up the right volleyball gear can give you that extra edge that can get your team the final point or take your physical performance to the next level.

That’s where 1st Place Volleyball can help. We’re your online source for custom volleyball jerseys, shorts, and volleyball shoes from the best brands like Nike, Asics, Under Armour, and more. Whatever you need in the volleyball world, we have it in stock—get started with us today!

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