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2017 Gift Guide

Posted by Courtney Wagner on

Deck the halls with balls of volley! The holidays are here and 1st Place Volleyball has the gifts that'll get talked about all year long. Here are some of our pro's favorite picks, best sellers, and stocking stuffers for the season.

1.Volleyball Shoes = every player's favorite gift:

  • Nike Hyperace is the most popular shoe on the market. Comes with a FREE sock and FREE shipping!

  • 2017 Mizuno Shoes with FREE shipping on the Lightning Z3 and Tornado. 

    2. The gift that keeps on giving to your performance, Tandem training equipment:

  • Large or Small Reaction Ball - A high bounce rubber edged ball that is unpredictable and helps to improve player’s reaction and agility on the court.The smaller the reaction ball, the more challenging it is!

  • Volleyball Pal – The Tandem Volleyball Pal is a volleyball training tool that allows for hours of practice without the need of another person. This equipment also helps with your toss and ball contact when practicing your arm swing.

  • Pass Rite - The Tandem Pass Rite is perfect for keeping your platform stable when passing to target. This training equipment also helps players to stay low and create muscle memory while passing. It utilizes a durable elastic band that attaches to the passer’s wrists and ankles preventing excessive upward arm movement. The elastic band is also adjustable to accommodate any passer’s height! The small, lightweight Velcro wrist cuffs were designed to minimize ball contact interference as well.

    3. Did someone say stocking stuffers?!
  • Photo Album – With the ability to hold up to 40, 4x6 pictures, the Tandem Volleyball Photo Album is the perfect way for you to keep and share your memories!
  • Picture Frame – The Tandem Volleyball Frame can hold your favorite team picture, great for a coach or teammate's gift.

  • Wallet – Tandem's Wallet is a must for any traveling volleyball player! Includes compartment for ID's, credit cards, cash, or coins. This is an over-sized wallet which measures "5 1/4" X 6 3/4 " and zips for a secure closure.

  • Note Pad – Keep up with the game with the Tandem Volleyball Note Pad! This is a 4" diameter round note pad imprinted with a volleyball pattern on cover.

  • Coffee Cups – The Tandem Volleyball Coffee Cup is a fun way to show your love of volleyball and is perfect for cold or hot drinks!

    And who knows... Maybe you'll see all of these in a bundle package on Black Friday! ;)

    4. Gold Trophy Volleyballs: ideal gift for a player or coach that the whole team can sign!
  • Molten Golden - makes a great volleyball player award, coaches gift, or autograph volleyball. Use this ball to thank someone or as a unique commemorative keepsake to remember a special point in your volleyball career!
  • Tachikara Golden – The Tachikara Champ Gold Trophy Volleyball is an official size volleyball that is perfect for senior year, end of the season, or a coach’s gift.

    5. Hot & Popular Item for Wilson -
  • AVP Backpack –The Wilson AVP Backpack is a hot item for 2018. This volleyball backpack has a zippered compartment bottom for wet or dry shoe storage. This Wilson backpack includes a large main compartment and a drawstring closure, as well as an internal computer sleeve. Keep your eyes out on Black Friday, when it will go on sale for just $39.99!

    6. Fox 40 Whistles –Because we all know how often players and even coaches go through whistles...
  • Sonik Blast – The Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG has a distinct, loud, and clear sound. The CMG thermoplastic material provides superior grip and protection for teeth. There are no moving parts that will freeze, jam, or deteriorate. The Sonik Blast CMG is ideal for those who need to hold the whistle in their mouth for extended periods of time. Enjoy a FREE lanyard included!

  • Pearl – Inspired by the world-famous Fox 40 Classic, the Fox 40 Pearl Whistle is a patented 2-chamber pea less, whistle with a lower tone 90 decibel pitch. Ideal for those who don't need a loud piercing shriek, yet want a blast above. Perfect choice for the elderly and children, or wherever the need for a distinct sounding whistle exists.

7. 1st Place Volleyball Mystery Stocking for $50 with $150 Value, packed with your favorite volleyball gifts! You might just find some of the items on this list in your Mystery Stocking Package. Available starting on Black Friday!!


8. Headbands - because no one wants hair in their face when they're making a game-winning play:

  • Position – Victory sports brand volleyball rhinestone head bands are the hottest new hair accessory for girls and women of all ages. Rhinestone volleyball headbands are composed of a black jersey cotton/spandex blend fabric with a natural stretch to help them stay in place. This performance activewear fabric is moisture wicking, antibacterial, UV protected, and offers a 4-way stretch for optimal comfort and durability.
  • Tandem – These Tandem headbands are made with a polyester and microfibers blend, 2.75” wide, and come with fun volleyball terms printed on the top!

9. Volleyball Tees for Mom, Grandma, + Players! Because what's more fun than a graphic tee?

Short Sleeve Tee

Whale Long Sleeve Tee


Elephant Long Sleeve Tee


Real Mom's Tee


 Volley Mom Baseball Tee 

Owl Tee


Grandma Tee

10. Magnet – The novelty volleyball magnet is great for any true volleyball lover! Perfect to go on cars, fridges, lockers, or any place you can find to stick them! 

11. Volleyballs:

  • Molten MS500
    • MS500 – Molten's MS500 feature an ultra soft PU cover that provides a soft contact for a feel that every level of player will enjoy. Available in a variety of colors for every team, these volleyballs are designed to meet the needs of recreational play. Available on Black Friday for $14.99!
  • Molten L2
    • L2 – The Molten L2 is an official size and weight volleyball made with a Micro-fiber composite cover. NFHS and NCAA approved.
  • Wilson AVP Beach Volleyball
  • The Wilson AVP Game Volleyball is the top of the line competition beach volleyball. The AVP Beach Volleyball is an 18-panel sand volleyball with a butyl bladder.

  • Molten BV5000 BF
    • BV5000 BF - The Molten BV5000-3 Elite Beach Volleyball features a new contemporary design with a hand stitched soft polyurethane cover. Comes in three (1, 2, 3)different styles!

  • Mikasa Squish Volleyball
  • The Mikasa Outdoor Volleyball Squish Series is a great starter beach volleyball for all ages!This waterproof volleyball is great for swimming pools, recreational volleyball and ideal for youth outdoor volleyball camps. The Mikasa Squish Volleyball Series also makes a fun novelty gift for volleyball athletes of all ages.

    12. 1st Place Volleyball Gift Certificate!
  • Not sure what to give your volleyball player? Give the gift of unlimited options with a 1st Place Volleyball gift certificate! With 17 top volleyball brands to pick from, they won't be disappointed.

For even more gift ideas, visit

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