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About Us

1st Place Volleyball was established in 1998 due to the need for a place that any team or individual in the volleyball community could go to find all of the most popular volleyball apparel, equipment and accessories. We provide in-house apparel customization on a wide variety of name-brand volleyball apparel. We strive to set each team apart and provide great products that help build team spirit and pride. 

In 2014, we launched an initiative to provide our high schools, colleges and clubs with the unique opportunity to raise funds while spreading school spirit. This initiative was Volleyball Proshops. It allowed teams to create their own team website, and embellish and sell any product they wish while raising funds for their team. 

Today, at the core of 1st Place Volleyball, we are more than a one-stop shop, but a hub for all player' needs and questions. Having a non-commissioned sales staff provides our customers with top-notch service. Our volleyball experts provide you with personal attention to ensure that you get exactly what you need. 

As the sport of volleyball evolves, we will continue to be Your Volleyball Headquarters. We will adapt to meet the demands and expectations of all who love the game as much as we do. 

1st Place Volleyball is here to provide your athletes with top volleyball apparel and accessories. Charge this volleyball season with the support of 1PV.

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