Spalding Aramid Fiber 1M Net Package-36" Length

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Product Overview

Spalding 1M volleyball net package is a high performance competition net designed for Spalding/AAI or similar net systems.  The package includes steel dowels, rope ratchets, net tension straps and a PVC-coated steel cable through the top of the net. This competition volleyball net meets NFHS and NCAA specifications.

GENERAL DIMENSIONS: The 1M Aramid Fiber volleyball net is designed to be used with Spalding volleyball standards. It can also be used with older AAI models 408135, 408235, 408240, 408335, 408435, 408220, 408440 and 408103. The net is 32' (9.75 m) in width and has an Aramid fiber rope top and polypropylene rope bottom. This net comes with internal steel dowels, rope tighteners, and a net tension strap kit.

CONSTRUCTION: Net: The net shall have 32' (9.75 m) of 4" (102 mm) square mesh. The mesh shall be constructed of size 3.0 MM braided polyethylene twine. The net height shall be 1 m ± 3 cm (39.5" ± 1") from top of top binding to bottom of bottom binding. It shall have 2" (51 mm) binding on the top and the bottom. The top cable shall be 33' (10.0 m) long and shall be constructed of 1/4" (6 mm) diameter Aramid Fiber core rope with a polyester jacket. The rope shall be crimped on both ends. The bottom rope shall be 39' (11.9 m) long and shall be constructed of 1/4" (6 mm) black solid braid polypropylene rope. There shall be side pockets for the dowels on each end.

Dowels: The dowels shall be constructed of 1" (25 mm) diameter steel tubing. The dowels shall be 37" (940 mm) long. These dowels shall fit inside the end pockets of the net.

Rope Tighteners: Rope tighteners are included with the net. The bottom rope is threaded through the rope tightener for tensioning of the bottom of the net. The tightener ratchets to hold the rope at the desired tension-up to 150 lbs. Tension is release by pushing a button on the ratchet.

Net Tension Kit: The net tension kit consists of six (6) 1" (25 mm) wide straps that wrap around the net and the upright. The strap has a molded loop attached that the strap loops through and attaches back to itself using Velcro hook and loop fasteners



(No reviews yet) Write a Review