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Start fundraising with your very own custom volleyball pro shop! This is a great way to show team spirit and raise funds for your teams! 1st Place Volleyball Pro Shops are hands off for your club directors. Sit back and let us take care of everything! For more information, how to get this started, check out our Q&A listed below.



Can I have anything I want on my website? Yes! You can choose anything from 1st Place or San Mar! If you are a manufactured Sponsored Club you will have to stay within your contract guidelines, but you can still choose any non-branded items from these websites.

How much commission do we receive and when do we receive it? You receive a 10% commission off each product sale. Your commissions can be distributed upon your request. You must be up to date on your account to be able to receive your commission. You may also use your commission to pay off an invoice. You can use your commission on 1st Place or the Pro Shop Website. You may also receive your commission via Paypal.

How long does our website stay up? As long as you are an active customer. (You track this by making sure the customer is coming back to us each season. This is something I will track until we have someone fully take over pro shops.)

How long does it take to get our website? 1 week! We can also provide a sample site with your logo and colors. (This helps us pull in new clubs)

Can parents add their child’s name and number to product? Yes! When checking out, there will be a section for notes. This is where you will add where you want your child’s name and/or number. A rep will reach out after the order is placed for additional payment.

How many logos can we receive for our pro shop apparel? One is standard and comes FREE with your pro shop. If you would like to have more than one, it would be an additional $400 charge up to a 3 color logo.

What if I have a beach and indoor program? You can have one site that can feature both. We can also create one for both programs but we don’t suggest it because you want all your traffic going to one site.

Benefits and Selling Points for Pro Shops:

1.       Complete hands off for club affiliates and directors. We do everything for you start to finish. If parents are asking questions about pro shops directors can always provide them with Tanya or my email.

2.       10% kick back! Make profit while your club is being promoted for FREE! You can also use your commission to pay off invoices.

3.       The store is live year round

4.       Site is custom with your colors, images and logo.

5.       If we don’t have something you are looking for to sell on your shop, we will find it for you!

6.        Sites up in a week and can be take down upon request within 24 hours


For more information, how to have your very own volleyball pro shop contact 877-878-8327 or email

Check out this link to view other existing volleyball pro shops.   (We can change the link name to say Volleyball Pro Shop Existing Stores)


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